My Care Team

Family Care Care Team

When you enroll in the Community Care Family Care program, you and your care team will assess your needs, strengths, and preferences. Your team will help you make decisions on your long-term care. Your team will include:

  • Nurse
  • Care Manager

Together, you will develop a care plan that will help you move toward the outcomes that you and your team identify during the assessment process.

Your care team will help coordinate the services you need and authorize them.

Quality Assurance and Outcomes

  • You, your family and your care team work together to ensure the services you receive are coordinated and delivered. 
  • You will meet with your care team at a minimum of every six months to review your care plan and ensure the services you are receiving meet your needs and support your outcomes. 
  • Your team will update your care plan if your condition changes or whenever they determine that the service you are receiving does not meet your needs or support your outcomes.
  • If you need the contact information for the care manager on your care team, please contact us at 1 (866) 992-6600.