Self-Directing with Community Care

Self-direction allows you to make your own decisions about the support you need for the life you choose. It allows you to take responsibility for your personal decisions, hire your own staff, and have control over who, how and when your care is provided.

  • Self-direction is an option for every member. 
  • You choose the amount of responsibility you want and the amount of help you need.
  • Your care team will be there to support you.
  • You decide if you want to self-direct any or all long-term care services identified on your care plan.
  • You can change your mind to increase or decrease your self-direction at any time.

To learn more visit the website.


The Aging Disability Resource Centers (ADRC's) of Wisconsin

Contact your local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) to enroll in our PACEFamily Care or Partnership program. Listed below are the Wisconsin counties in Community Care's service areas. Click on the name of your county for contact information for your local ADRC.  

Calumet County ADRC
Dane County ADRC
Fond du Lac County ADRC
Kenosha County ADRC
Manitowoc County ADRC
Milwaukee County ADRC
Ozaukee County ADRC
Outagamie County ADRC
Racine County ADRC
Sheboygan County ADRC
Walworth County ADRC
Washington County ADRC
Waukesha County ADRC
Waupaca County ADRC
Winnebago County ADRC

Community Care participates with the Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN)

WISHIN allows us to share your health information with your doctors and other providers. This helps all of your caregivers work together more easily, make better decisions about your care and reduce mistakes or duplication of tests and procedures.

WISHIN  protects the privacy and security of your records according to HIPAA. Only your caregivers are able to view your health information when they need it to care for you. Logs and other security measures track who has reviewed your records and when they did so.

You can opt out of continued participation in WISHIN. Contact your care team if you want to opt out, and they will help you. WISHIN will confirm your request in writing.