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PACE Program
What is PACE?

PACEThe Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, also known as PACE, offers a benefit package that combines medical care, long-term care and prescription drugs. PACE helps frail and disabled individuals age 55 and older live as independently as possible for as long as possible within the community.

As a member of Community Care PACE, you will have a team of health care professionals that work with you to coordinate all aspects of your care. You and your team will work to develop a care plan to meet your medical and long-term care needs. The plan will include the use of natural supports, Community Care resources as well as paid services from our network of providers.

The Community Care PACE Program is the only PACE plan in the State of Wisconsin and has been in operation for more than 25 years. Community Care PACE currently serves more than 700 members in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Racine counties.

PACE Highlights:

PACE Coverage

No co-pays, deductibles or insurance gaps. PACE program members have access to medical care, long-term care services and prescription drugs without the worry of insurance bills, co-pays, deductibles or insurance gaps. It truly is an all-inclusive program. Community Care provides and is responsible for all of your care. You may be financially responsible for any care you receive from out-of-network providers without prior approval from your care team, except in an emergency.

Join a team of professionals. Each PACE member is assigned to a team of health care professionals who are experienced in working with older adults. Your PACE care team will include your primary care physician, a social worker and nurses as well as a number of other professionals.

You play an active role in your plan. PACE members, their families and authorized representatives are encouraged to take an active role in developing their care plans. We will work with you to determine which services and supports will help you achieve the outcomes identified in your care plan.

You can manage your own services. As a member of the PACE program, you can choose the Self-Directed Supports (SDS) option, to manage some or all of your long-term care services. Choosing SDS means you will have more say in how and from whom you receive your services. It is an option you can use if you want to have more responsibility and be more involved in the direction of your own services.

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