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Family Care Program
What is Family Care
Family Care

Our Family Care Medicaid program for frail elders and adults with intellectual, developmental or physical disabilities offers the flexibility, expertise and service options to help members live as independently as possible for as long as possible at home or in the community.

When you join the Community Care Family Care program, you will enjoy the advantages of having a team of professionals guide you. You and your team will develop a cost-effective care plan that includes natural supports and paid services from our extensive network of service providers. We are able to tailor your services to your individual needs, circumstances and preferences.

Family Care Highlights:

You receive the services where you live. Our team meets with you in your home to discuss your needs and the services that are appropriate to support your needs. You and your care team will work together to determine your strengths, resources and which services and supports best meet your long-term care outcomes. 

Our team of professionals will support you. Each Family Care member works with a team of professionals that includes a care manager and registered nurse. You and your care team will work together to make decisions about your health and lifestyle. 

You play an active role in your plan. Family Care members, their families and authorized representatives take an active role in developing each member's care plan. Community Care believes our members should have personal choice when receiving services. Choice means having a say in how and when care is provided. Being a member and having personal choice also means you are responsible for helping your care team find the most cost-effective ways to support you. 

You can manage your own services. As a member of the Family Care program, you can choose the Self-Directed Supports (SDS) option if you want to manage some of your long-term care services.  Choosing SDS means you will have more say in how and from whom you receive your services. It is an option you can use if you want to have more responsibility and be more involved in the direction of your own services.

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