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Community Care Awards Employee Excellence

In November, Community Care recognized five employees with CCI Employee Excellence Awards for their contributions to the organization throughout 2020.

Employees are recognized for providing excellent customer service, exemplary achievement and performance, and initiative and innovation. In 2020, nominees were also considered for their contributions to the organization throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each award winner received a $1,000 prize and a certificate. Congratulations to our CCI Employee Excellence Award winners for 2020:

Dallas Brown – Clinical Business Data Analyst
At any organization, there are individuals working behind the scenes whose contributions, however significant, often go unnoticed. This is not a statement about these people as individuals, it is just the nature of their work. Dallas Brown knows this better than anyone. While he does not interact with our members, or even many of our staff, the work Dallas has done for Community Care has made a profound impact on our organization and its bottom line. Thanks to his positive and collaborative approach, Dallas has earned the respect of leaders throughout the organization, while creating tools that help them better serve our members. As important as data is to any organization, it often baffles people; it is rare gift to make it understandable and useful in driving change and improving outcomes.

Peggy Eckart – Infection Prevention-Control Coordinator
You can tell a lot about a person who is willing to come out of retirement when duty calls. They are willing to put aside their own needs for the needs of others. Thankfully, Peggy Eckhart is that kind of person and we all owe her a debt of gratitude. Peggy was “semi-retired” when the threat of COVID-19 became a reality. She came back full-time to help us weather the worst of the storm. As the cornerstone of our pandemic response, Peggy helped everyone at Community Care better understand the virus to confront something we had never experienced before. By staying calm when emotions ran high, Peggy kept the focus on our most important obligation, keeping everyone healthy and safe.

Kerri Livermore – R.N. Clinical Director
When thinking about what Kerri Livermore did during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the phrase “service above self” comes to mind. Thanks to Kerri’s tireless efforts, she rallied her team at Our Lady of Angels convent to work through some stressful and exhausting weeks caring for the sisters hit worst by the virus. This was no small feat, considering Kerri had her own bout with the virus. Even while she recuperated, Kerri made herself available to the staff at OLA. Her passion and commitment to providing excellent care to the sisters is clear; her dedication to her staff is a testament to her leadership; but her ability to go beyond the role of nurse and leader, to be there for her staff, is a credit to her as a person.

Blanca Quiles – Home Care Manager
Within two years of joining Community Care, Blanca Quiles became manager of our Home Care Department. Since then, she has made a profound impact on the lives of nurses, patients, families, and caregivers. Blanca is considered the backbone of her department. She leads with consistency, compassion, and dedication, all hallmarks of a born leader. In addition to her “wicked” sense of humor and her overall positivity, Blanca also uses her bilingual skills to guarantee that our members’ voices are heard. It is clear why she was nominated for this award.

Dr. Carol Wood – Primary Care Physician
The past year has been a challenging one for everyone at Community Care, especially for our front line staff and our members and never more so than at our convent sites like Sacred Heart. Through her unwavering support and tireless efforts, Dr. Carol Wood found ways to best care for the sisters while maintaining a safe environment for staff. Her actions early in the pandemic likely helped to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and lower the numbers of sisters who fell ill. While Dr. Wood does not do things in hopes of recognition, her exemplary efforts under the incredibly difficult circumstances of the past year are worth noting.


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